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adds4b - Desktop-Client: Skype for Business Telefonie Plugin

adds4b™ – basic

The new desktop client with essential telephony features for Skype® for Business and Office 365 support

The ideal expansion for your Skype® for Business software (Office 365 online or on-prem) in a simple client version!

Get our official 60-day trial version for adds4b™ – basic (formerly known as FonComfort Lite) and be among the first to experience a whole new interface with extensive functionality!


More efficient call handling

Pure client solution

Office 365 support

Integrated search for improved call transfer

Busylight support expanded for newer models


Official release date: 09.11.2017
Current release version: 1.1.0

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Extensive functionalities – with just one click

Extremely quick call handling functions without any unnecessary intermediate steps. Just one click!

Transfer your calls with or without consultance or extend them into three-way conferences. Assign hot-keys for even quicker dialing or call pickup!

Our call control window offers the most important direct access buttons for handling Skype® for Business calls. There are direct call control buttons for:

Accept and drop calls
Initiate consultative transfer
Initiate blind transfer or complete a consultative transfer
Expand call to 3-way conference (available during active call)
Put call on hold or retrieve it
Mute button for the active call
With the eye symbol you may switch off or on the original Lync or Skype® for Business window. To reduce the number of open windows adds4b™ – basic deactivates the conversation window by default.

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Call control window
Busylight Support

It’s more than just telephony

Increase your communication efficiency in your office!

Your adds4b™ – basic automatically recognizes your Skype® for Business contacts + groups and synchronizes them in real time! No further action required!

Additionally adds4b™ – basic supports the office presence indicators Busylight Alpha, Busylight Omega and KuandoBOX and will automatically connect to those devices! Simply plug them into your PC and you’re ready to go!

What are Busylights?

Features overview

Get an overview of all our current and upcoming features for the adds4b™ product family!

Additional license versions with server functions and much more functionality will be added soon in our adds4b™ – pro software! Stay tuned!

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adds4b™ Features basic pro
Call a contact by endpoint / default endpoint (change via context menu) Coming soon!
Detailed status overview for contacts by color and by text
Quick 1-click call handling and transfer
Convenient call completion with or without consultative call
Call transfer with contact search
Integrated search for quicker call transfer (persistent last search)
Hot key functions:

  • Accept and drop call by global hot key
  • Make call directly from phone numbers stored in the clipboard
  • Complete call transfer with single key stroke
Second call treatment:

  • Suppress second call while in an active or ringing first call
  • Redirection rules apply for suppressed calls (e.g. voicemail, response group)
Busylight support (adds4b™ – basic will automatically connect with):

  • Busylight Alpha
  • Busylight Omega
  • KuandoBOX
Optional suppression of Skype® for Business / Lync call handling window
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